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As a believer in Jesus Christ praying is the Christian way to commune with God. Praying to God

elevates our thoughts up to heaven.

One definition of prayer could be looked at as a solemn request for help or as an expression of

thanks addressed to God as the Almighty Creator; its also paying attention to God’s will.

Praying is not natural for us; due to the effects of sin. (Read Romans 8:26-27). We naturally

want to turn away from God and handle life’s issues as we see fit....Typically, I have noticed in

my life when I put myself first I make a mess of the situation. When I let go and allow God, the

Holy Spirit, Jesus to lead God always brings blessings out of turmoil! Sometimes that realization

may come many months or even many years after the tragic event!

Do you brother and sisters have any testimonies of God’s guidance in tragic situations?

(Read 1Peter 3:12) We are to pray to God only!

The Bible says to “love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind.”

(Matthew 22:37) Is not the portion of “with all your mind” an expression of deep praying?

How did Jesus pray- Read Scripture John 17:1-26

Jesus prays for Himself for His disciples and for all believers.

What a complete picture of what prayer should look like!

So when we pray as in 2 Chronicles 7:14 (read Scripture) We should come to God from a

humble position.

Jesus teaches His disciples to pray (Matthew 6:1-15)

So by praying properly we are communing with God for the renewing of our minds to do the will

of God. So that by our daily lives we may bring glory to God and to be a blessing to the people/

brothers and sisters around us.

So I ask brothers and sister how important is it for us to pray?!

How many times a day? Daniel 6:10 is a great example.

I would always recommend starting off your day in prayer. That this day is a gift and that we are

here to be obedient sons and daughters to His will. Ask for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit so

that we can completely reflect His character and to understand God’s Holy Bible.

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